GOTV Jinja Channels List ( Current Price & Packages )

GOtv Jinja is the second lowest among the subscription Packages. Although you won’t be paying up to ₦3000 for these packages, you will be given access to over 45 channels. I know you might be thinking that since the payment isn’t worth the channel lists, then it won’t contain top quality channels. Well if you are thinking like that, you are wrong.

With this little payment you will be granted access to sports channels, news channels, entertainment channels, documentary channels and also kids and music channels. If you are here to acquire more information about the channel you stand to enjoy when you subscribe to the Gotv Jinja package, then you are in the right place.

No doubt if we say the Gotv Jinja subscription package is one of the most purchased Gotv packages. If you are looking to have unlimited fun with little money, this package is definitely for you. In case you are wondering how much this package cost and now to pay for it, you are definitely in the right place. Stick with us as we take you through this journey of enlightenment. 

As stated above, the GOtv Jinja package has over 45 channels in various categories. Some of these categories are news, sports, movies, music, and kids channels. Below is the list of channels available on the GOtv Jinja package.

Gotv Jinja Channels List On General Entertainment 


  • Africa Magic Hausa
(Channel Number 3)
  • Africa Magic Yoruba – (Channel Number 2)
  • Africa Magic Igbo – (Channel Number 4)
  • Real Time – (channel Number 35 )
  • E! Entertainment – (channel Number 36)
  • TVC Entertainment – (channel Number 16)
  • Trybe TV – (channel Number 13)

Movie Channels On GOTV jinja Package

  • Africa Magic Epic – (channel Number 6)
  • Spic – (channel Number 19)

Kids & Teens Packages On GOtv jinja channels list


  • Jim Jam – (Channel Number 80)
  • Nickelodeon – (Channel Number 87)

Sports Categories On GOtv Jinja List

  • Blitz – (Channel Number 60)
  •  SELECT Sports 2 – (Channel Number 64)

GOtv Jinja is also home to a number of local Nigerian channels, such as:

  • Rave TV – (Channel Number 146)
  • NTA News 24 – (Channel Number 125)
  • NTAi – (Channel Number 124)
  • AIT – (channel Number 122)
  • Silverbird – (Channel Number 121)
  • Lagos TV – (Channel Number 120)
  • R2TV – (Channel Number 145)
  • Wazobia TV – (Channel Number 128)
  • Arewa 24 – (Channel Number 136)
  • WAP TV – (Channel Number 129)
  • ONTV – (Channel Number 15)
  • Liberty TV – (Channel Number 137)
  • OGTV – (Channel Number 133)
  • BCOS – (Channel Number 134)
  • Tiwa N Tiwa – (Channel Number 131)
  • Biscon TV – (Channel Number 144)

Religious Package On GOtv Jinja

  • Islam channel (Channel Number 111)
  • Emmanuel Tv (112)
  • Faith (110)
  • Dove Television (113)


  • Sound City(21)

News And Commerce  Channels On GOtv Jinja

  • Arise News(Channel Number 24)
  • Channels Tv(Channel Number 122)
  • Al Jazeera(Channel Number 71)
  • NTA Parliament (Channel Number 126)
  • TVC News(Channel Number 25)
  • NTA (Channel Number 26)

Other Packages:

How Much Is Gotv Jinja?


This subscription plan is not as Costly as Jolli, Max, Supa and Supa+. Jinja only costs ₦2,250 which you will be granted access to over 45+ channels. Because of the non-bank breaking price and vast Channel lists, many families find it more affordable and cool. There are various channels available on the list, one for kids, the ladies and even the guys. 

How To Subscribe To GOtv Jinja


To subscribe to GOtv Jinja, you can either make your payment online or visit a nearby Gotv store. Obviously before you can subscribe to the Gotv Jinja package, you need to possess an antenna and also a decoder. If you have both of them you are good to go.

gotv jinja channels list

If you don’t have an antenna and a decoder, you can visit a Gotv dealer and request one. Please call a professional installer to avoid troubles. To subscribe for the Gotv Jinja package online please follow the steps below.

  • Open your Gotv App or navigate to their official website
  • Create an account by using your personal details and your Gotv number
  • Search for the payment options and select the package you want to subscribe for
  • Follow the instructions and make payments

You can also use the *288# ussd code to make payments. 

  • Dial *288#
  • Select 1
  • Input your decoder number and proceed to making payments

You can also make payments by going to the Gotv accredited centres. Locate the one near you, tender your decoder number and make payment. 

Benefits Of Subscribing To GOtv Jinja


There are a number of benefits you can enjoy if you subscribe to GOtv Jinja, some of which includes:

  • Affordable price: Unlike other satellite Tv, GOtv Jinja is exceptionally cheap. The decoder price, monthly subscription price, is affordable that you won’t have to break a bank. 
  • Wide range of channels:The GOtv Jinja package offers up to 45 different channels with different categories. They have news channels, entertainment channels, sports channels, kids and even documentary channels.


If you are looking to make a subscription on Gotv with little money, GOtv Jinja is a great option. You only need to pay a merger amount to watch 45 different channels. You can watch news channels, entertainment, sports and also kids shows for just ₦2,250.