GOTV Jolli Channel List & Prices ( Updated )

If you are looking for a satellite Tv to enjoy entertainment, sports, kids shows and news, you should try GOtv.  Although there are tons of Satellites tv out there that also offer this service, most of them are costly and affording to pay for the monthly subscription can be quite tiring. With Gotv, you can simply select any from their 6 various packages.

All you have to do is look for the one that’s more suitable and price friendly and make your payment. In this content, we will be talking about the Gotv Jolli price and also the channel list. Although the Jolli subscription plan might not be high, you will be given access to various types of news channels, entertainment channels, sports, music and even kids’ channels.

Because of its price and also the channel list, the Jolli subscription plan has been one of the most popular choices for Families. As a news channel, there are various channels you can watch news updates from. Also as a mother interested in watching entertainment channels, you can select from the vast entertainment channel. You can also tune to a kids show for the children of the house.

Moving forward we will be giving you more details about the Gotv Jolli package subscription fees and also the channels available for this plan, keep scrolling

How Much Is Gotv Jolli Subscription Package?


This subscription plan only costs ₦3300 and you will be granted access to over 65+ channels. Although the price is not bank breaking, you will enjoy interesting channels for a whole month. 

GOtv Jolli Channel List With Their Number


The GOtv Jolli channel comprises different categories of channels. From General entertainment to Sports, to Nigeria local channels, news, sports and also kids shows.  Check the next paragraph for more information 

General Entertainment

The general entertainment channels includes: 

  • Africa Magic Family (Channel Number 7)
  • Africa Magic Hausa (Channel Number 3) 
  • Africa Magic Yoruba (Channel Number 2) 
  • Africa Magic Igbo (Channel Number 4)
  • ROK 2 (Channel Number 10) 
  • Magic Showcase (Channel Number 11) 
  • Trybe (Channel Number 13)
  • Wazobia (Channel Number 14)
  • TVC Entertainments (Channel Number 16)
  • Zee World (Channel Number 30)
  • Telemundo (Channel Number 33)
  • Real-Time (Channel Number 35)
  • E Entertainment (Channel Number 36)
  • Discovery Family (Channel Number 37)
  • CBS Reality (Channel Number 39)

Local Channels

The Local Channels on Gotv Jolli includes: 


  • ONTV (Channel Number 15)
  •  Afria TV (Channel Number 17)
  •  Sunnah TV (Channel Number 114)
  • Lagos TV (Channel Number 120)
  • Silverbird (Channel Number 121)
  • AIT (Channel Number 122)
  • NTAi (Channel Number 124)
  • NTA 2 (Channel Number 125)
  •  Wazobia Max (Channel Number 128)
  • Wap TV (Channel Number 129)
  • Tiwa N Tiwa (Channel Number 131)
  •  OGTV (Channel Number 133)
  • Arewa 24 (Channel Number 136)
  • Liberty TV (Channel Number 137)
  • ITV Benin (Channel Number 140)
  • Biscon TV (Channel Number 144)
  • R2TV (Channel Number 145)
  • Rave TV (Channel Number 146)


  • SuperSport Football (Channel Number 61)
  •  Blitz (Channel Number 60)
  •  SELECT Sports 2 (Channel Number 64)


  • Jim Jam (Channel Number 80)
  • Nickelodeon (Channel Number 87)
  •  PBS Kids (Channel Number 84)
  • Disney Junior (Channel Number 82)


  • MTV Base (Channel Number 45)
  • Sound City (Channel Number 21)
  • Hip TV (Channel Number 61)


  • Al Jazeera (Channel Number 71)
  • BBC World News (Channel Number 27)
  • CNN International (Channel Number 72)
  • Arise News (Channel Number 24)
  • ITV Benin (Channel Number 25)

Other Packages:

Popular Channels On GOtv Jolli

Some of the most popular channels on GOtv Jolli include:

  • Africa Magic Family: This channel best suits families looking to watch a nice show probably while having a meal or bored. This channel offers a variety of African family shows, movies and also series. 
  • Zee World: this channel is especially for the ladies of the house. You can watch romantic Indian movies, talk shows and also series.
  • Telemundo: This channel like zee world also offers Spanish movies, series and also tv talk shows.
  • SuperSport Blitz: This channel is for the boys of the house. Supersport Blitz channel doesn’t show football matches, Basketball , Tennis and other matches. But they do show highlights, sports news.
  • Nickelodeon: This channel is for the kids in the house. It offers series of cartoons, kids shows, comedy and other decent movies.
  • Disney Junior: This channel is also like nickelodeon, just that nickelodeon is more matured. This channel offers cartoons and other educational shows. 

How To Subscribe To GOtv Jolli

Even if this content title clearly states Gotv Jolli channel lIst, we won’t limit our information to that. We will be giving you hints on the process and steps to follow if you want to subscribe to the Gotv Jolli package. 

GOTV Jolli Channel List

To subscribe to GOtv Jolli, I’m sure you own a Gotv decoder and it is active.  If you don’t have a decoder, please proceed to a Gotv dealer and make a purchase.

You can also invite an installation personnel with you or simply follow the guidelines involved. Since Gotv is not like DStv, you don’t necessarily have a smart card. However you need your decoder number. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit a GOtv dealer.
  • Tell him the subscription Package you are making payments for
  • Give him your decoder number (you can find it under your decoder)
  • Make payments 

In case you are far from a Gotv dealer, you can simply make payments online using your bank app. Please make sure that your decoder is on when making subscriptions to avoid payment failure. 

However if you experience any difficulties, please contact the Gotv support number at 0803 900 3782.

Benefits Of Subscribing To GOtv Jolli

There are several benefits to subscribing to GOtv Jolli, including:

  • Affordability: The  GOtv Jolli price isn’t that high so it’s affordable to purchase. With this package, you won’t have to break a bank.
  • Variety of Channels: The GOtv Jolli price might be low, but the package offers over 65 channels. With these varieties of channels you can simply browse through and watch the one of your choice.
  • Easy to Use: GOtv generally is easy to operate and fast. You don’t need an internet connection to use the decoder.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your GOtv Jolli Subscription

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your GOtv Jolli subscription:

See The TV Guide To See Tips On How To Plan Your Viewing

With the help of the Gotv Guide, The GOtv TV Guide will give you guidelines and help you clear your confusions. However if you have issues the guidelines can resolve, kindly contact the Gotv support line.

Set Parental Controls:

If you want to restrict your kids from having access to harmful content, you can simply set up a parental control function.This can be really useful to control what your kids are watching.


GOTV Jolli is one of the best subscription packages to apply for. This package is price friendly and will also grant you access to over 65 channels. Visit the website to lodge complains if you have any.