Holiday Inn Breakfast Hours 2023 [ Menu & Prices ]

Check out the new hot and fresh breakfast items on the Holiday Inn breakfast Menu with prices. This is to help anyone who has been planning to visit the Inn and wants to be aware of the breakfast menu and prices before time. If you are already a guest at the Inn, the information here will also be of great help to you. As everything you seek is contained in this article.

Apart from showing you all the items on the menu, you will also find answers to all your questions to clear your doubt and leave no stone unturned. So read on as we begin by exploring what the Holiday Inn Express is. 

Holiday Inn is a hotel chain that provides low or affordable accommodations for the ever-increasing population of travelers in different parts of the world. It was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of Holiday Inn Hotels. As of 2019, it has over 2800 locations in various countries in the world. 

One outstanding feature of the Holiday Inn is that it provides comfortable accommodations with standard amenities to cater to business travelers or short-term stays. It also features well-furnished rooms and a warm environment. More interestingly, it does have a complimentary breakfast buffet every morning for guests. 

Surprising right? I know that it looks unreal but it is just the reality of this amazing Inn. So, join me to explore what is on the Holiday Inn breakfast menu together. 

Does Holiday Inn Serve Breakfast?


As stated above, serving its customers a well and deliciously prepared hot breakfast is one of the outstanding features of the Inn and this happens in all its locations worldwide. At Holiday Inn Express, the importance of breakfast is not undermined.

So with this, every guest at the Holiday Inn Express is entitled to breakfast from the rich breakfast menu at the Express Start Breakfast Bar. In the next paragraph, you will see some of the items on the breakfast menu. 

Holiday Inn Breakfast Hours


The Holiday Inn breakfast hours are quite flexible to accommodate everyone. You can have breakfast between the hours of 6:30 to 12:00 noon on weekends and 7:00 to 11:00 A.M on weekdays.

Holiday Inn Breakfast Menu


On the breakfast menu of the Inn, there are a great variety of standard meals to satisfy your morning cravings while providing you with the optimum energy needed for the day. Some items on the menu are Eggs, bacon, pancakes, and even the Grab ‘n’ Go option for busy or time-trapped travelers who might not be able to have breakfast at the bar

The menu also contains muffins, creamy Cheese, fruit jam, cinnamon rolls, hot cakes, and so many other appetizing meals. Everyone who has been to the Holiday Inn breakfast bar is crazily in love with the meals on the menu. 

See the complete Holiday Inn breakfast menu and prices In the table below.

S/N Items On The Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Menu. 
1 Muffins
2 Cinnamon Rolls
3 Hotcakes
4 Pancakes
5 Milk
6 Cream Cheese
7 Yogurt
8 Creamy Cheeses
9 Fruit Jams
10 Desserts
11 Cheese Omelet
12 English muffin with cream cheese
13 Milk and cinnamon roll
14 Roasts of coffee
15 Tea
16 Juice
17 Hard-boiled eggs
18 French toast
19 Biscuits and gravy
20 Waffles
21 Oatmeal
22 Mini Muffins
23 Bagels
24 Holiday Inn Express Cinnamon rolls
25 Assorted Cereals
26 Assorted Juices
27 Scrambled eggs
28 Sausage Links
29 Sausage Patties
30 Bacon
31 Fruit jam

These meals can be combined uniquely to your taste. There are also special meals for kids below the age of 13. Everything at the Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu and bar speaks comfort. Note that the availability of items could vary slightly with locations. 

How Much Does Breakfast Cost At The Holiday Inn Express?


The hot breakfast buffet served at the Express Start Breakfast bar is complimentary. This applies to all standard bookings. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to pay any additional money for any of the meals on the Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu. It is completely free for anyone who has booked a room in the Inn. 

This is exquisite, amazing, and unique if you ask me.  But then, how healthy is the breakfast served in this hotel? Find the answer to that in the next paragraph. 

How To Check The Calorie Contained In Holiday Inn Express Meals


It is important to know the nutrition information of any meal that you consume. So if you are planning to have a meal from the Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu, you can look up the nutritional content from your phone or computer using your browser. See some of them in the table below.  

Table Showing The Nutrition Information Of Some Meals At Holiday Inn Express. 

Items Size Cal. Fat Carb.  Protein
Cinnamon Roll. One roll 410k 22g 50g 5g
Scrambled Eggs 1 scoop 120 1g 1g 10g
Cheese Omelette 1 omelet  180 13g 4g 10g
Sausage Patty  1 patty 170 16g 0g 6g
Turkey sausage patty 1 patty 60 3g 1g 8g

How To Locate Holiday Inn Express. 


To find the nearest Holiday Inn Express locations, simply visit their official website at and make your bookings. You can also browse your internet to check out other features apart from the Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu that you’ve seen here. 

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Can I Get Cinnamon On Holiday Inn Express Menu?


Yes, the Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu contains Cinnamon and Cinnamon rolls. You can decide to take them with either your choice of juice or with tea and even coffee. They are served hot and fresh. You can see the menu above for more breakfast options. 

Difference Between Holiday Inn And Holiday Inn Express 


There is not much difference between Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. One major difference between them is in their breakfast hours. Breakfast comes earlier at Holiday Inn than at Holiday Inn Express. 

Also, Holiday Inn offers full services while the services of Holiday Inn Express are limited. The latter concentrates majorly on short stays and business travelers. And Holiday Inn is found in more places than the Holiday Inn Express. 


After reading through this, I know you can tell that there is so much in stock for you for breakfast at Holiday Inn. Having seen the Holiday Inn breakfast menu and prices, make plans your stop by on your next trip.