Top 10 Best Instant Bank Transfer Without Debit Card 2023 [ Verified ]

In this article, we are going to show you the easiest ways to carry out instant bank transfers without a debit card. If you have been wondering about the possibility of that and how you can go about making instant transfers when you do not have a debit card or you aren’t with it at a particular moment. Then this article is for you.

Here we are going to unravel the possibility of carrying out that action. And also move a step further to show you multiple ways to do it with ease. I know this is what you’ve been waiting for. So, without further ado, let us go straight into business.

What Are Instant Bank Transfer?


Instant bank transfer is the electronic sending of money from one bank account or e-wallet to another. In other words, the transfer of money from one person’s account to another through an electronic medium is called instant bank transfer.

This type of transfer is received immediately or within a few hours hence they are instant. This is as opposed to the traditional banking method of going to the banking hall and waiting for the transaction to be processed. This kind of transfer can be done from the comfort of your home, offices, or anywhere you find yourself. And they can be done at any time of the day, week, month, and year.

How Does Instant Bank Transfer Work?


An instant transfer is very easy to make. All that is needed is to link the account of the sender and the recipient. You will need the details of your MasterCard or Visa debit card. The routing and account number of the recipient and other vital information.

The process varies from one bank or financial institution to the other. However, the details are the same. And when the money is sent, you will receive it instantly.

Can I Transfer Money Without Debit Card?


Yes, it is possible to make instant transfers without a debit card. Thanks to modern-day technology in the form of digital payment platforms and apps. By using any of them, you necessarily wouldn’t need a debit card to send instant payment to anyone. See how it is done in the next paragraph.

How To Make Instant Bank Transfer Without Debit Card


As we mentioned above, to send instant payment without a debit card, you need to the details of the receiver as well as a digital payment platform. Some of them are explained below.


Popmoney is an online payment service that allows you to send and receive money with your bank account. With this platform, all that is needed is for you to register on the app or website with your email and phone number. After that, link your bank account to the Popmoney account and start sending instant payments.


Veem is an online global payment service that is used for making instant payments to both local and international accounts. With Veem you will also create an online wallet on the website or mobile app using your email and phone number. Link your bank account and start sending money. You do not need a debit card to make instant payments on Veem.


Another way to make instant payments without a debit card is through the use of Zelle. This method is very popular in the US and it is easy, fast, and secure. Like Popmoney, Zelle works with your bank account balance. So after checking that your bank is in sync with the service. Open an account with your email and phone number, link your bank account and you are good to go.


Like others, Venmo is another popular digital payment service for making instant payments without debit cards. Its interface is similar to social media but it’s mainly for sending and receiving money. Sending money on Venmo does not require a debit card or the information of your debit card but you must add your bank account where money will be drawn to complete your payment.


Another international payment platform for sending and receiving money is PayPal. You have the option of not adding your debit card when sending instant payments on PayPal. You could simply add your bank account or credit card instead. To send payment, enter the PayPal details of the receiver as well as their email address or phone number. Enter the amount and click send.

Cash App

Fastly taking over the stage of digital payments in the US, UK, and even Canada is Cash App. Like others, it is easy to use and its payments are fast hence it is suitable for instant payments without debit cards. Cash App does not require your debit card information. All you need to do is open an account, add your bank account to fund your Cash App account balance, and send money using the recipient’s username or called $Cashtag.

Money Order

Although this seems to be an old method of sending money, it is very helpful in a situation where you need to make an instant bank transfer without a debit card. It is like a prepaid check that is sent to a person. To send a Money Order, walk into any grocery shop including Walmart, get one, and send it to the recipient through the mail. The recipient on the other hand will Cash it to receive the money.

Google Pay Or Apple Pay

These are mobile wallets that are available on Android and Apple devices respectively. They are used to make online payments as well as to send and receive money. With these wallets, you don’t need a debit card as every piece of information is stored there.

World Remit

World Remit is another way to send instant payment with or without a debit card both domestically and internationally. All it takes is to sign up and create an account with your email address. Choose a password and start sending payment.


Billpay makes online payments extremely easy. All you need to do is to register an account with your email. Enter your bank details and start sending money to anyone in the United States.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Instant Payments Without Debit Card?

Using any of the methods above, your instant payments would arrive in the account of the recipient immediately or within a few minutes.

Are Instant Payments Without Debit Card Secure?


Yes, sending Instant Payments without a debit card is secure. Some of these platforms are FDIC secured. And are all legitimately recognized by the government. However, do not give out your information to anyone as your account could be hacked and you get defrauded.

How To Transfer Money From Bank Without Debit Card?

If you want to transfer money from bank without debit card, all you have to do’ is to visit your bank branch, use your bank’s mobile App, call your bank’s customer service or Use a wire transfer service.


Instant bank transfers without debit cards are possible and easy to do. In the article, we explained 10 ways to transfer money without debit cards. I know you are excited about this because It comes as a great relief.