La Quinta Breakfast Hours 2023 [ Opening & Closing Time ]

Definitely, you’re among those asking what time is breakfast at la quinta? Well, this content is aimed at revealing la quinta breakfast hours, their opening and closing time. There are varieties of yummy meals at la quinta menu, but some of them aren’t serve all day. Hence, you have to be alert of their breakfast time” so as to enjoy the items on la quinta hotel breakfast menu.

La Quinta is among the most visiting hotels in United States that server outstanding meals to their customers. However, the hotel have special meals in their menu which they serve in the morning during breakfast hours. That’s why it’s very necessary to know their breakfast time, to avoid missing those nutritious meals.

Is La Quinta Still Serving Breakfast?


Yes, La Quinta hotel ensures that its customers have everything they want for their comfort. Very secured and they serve delicious and nutritious meals during their breakfast hours.

This means, you don’t have to be afraid of what to or how to buy food when you lodge in their hotel. Not only breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner, as a matter of fact” they got you covered.

Does La Quinta Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, La Quinta doesn’t serve breakfast all day. They have specific time of serving breakfast meals.

If you miss the items on their breakfast menu, you obviously can’t get them during lunch or dinner. That’s why it’s very significant to know their breakfast times.

What Time Is Breakfast At LA Quinta?


Now let’s go straight to the point, La Quinta hotel start serving breakfast from 6:00am everyday.

Immediately it’s 6:00am in the morning, you can get your breakfast served at their hotel, however on Saturdays and Sundays it’s a different time. They start serving breakfast by 7:00 am.

What Time Does La Quinta Stop Serving Breakfast?


La Quinta stop serving breakfast by 9:00am, during the weekdays, but on Saturdays and Sundays, la quinta stop serving breakfast by 10:00 am. Hence, you have 3 hours to grab yours breakfast meal at la Quinta hotel.

Remember I earlier said that’ the hotel have specific time of serving breakfast. Hence, you have to rush and grab yours on time before the closing time.

La Quinta Breakfast Time


Without being told, you can practically tell la quinta breakfast hours now. Anyways that won’t stop me from making it more obvious for everyone to understand it more. Below are illustration of La Quinta breakfast hours 

Monday to Friday – 6:00 am to 9:00 am  

Saturday and Sunday – 7:00 am to 10:00 am.

La Quinta Breakfast Menu


You can actually get varieties of items on La Quinta breakfast menu, some of the menu deals are: scrambled eggs and sausages, “Make Your Own Waffles,” an assortment of fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, muffins, juice, milk, and coffee.

NOTE: all the items above are being served for free during their breakfast hours. However, there are more you can order for in their menu.

Does La Quinta Have Free Breakfast?


Yes, la quinta hotel offer free Bright Side Breakfast served every morning to pet-friendly rooms. They are popularly known for their well treat and provision of everything you need for a comfortable stay.

This is a huge bonus you shouldn’t miss, free breakfast and making you feel relaxed isn’t what you can easily get in random hotels. You’re getting breakfast for free, and enjoy your stay.

What Is A Bright Side Breakfast At La Quinta Include?


There are varieties of items you can get from La Quinta free breakfast, which includes; scrambled eggs and sausages, “Make Your Own Waffles,” an assortment of fresh fruit, pastries, cereal, muffins, juice, milk, and coffee.

How Long Does Breakfast Last At La Quinta?


At La Quinta hotel, breakfast starts from 6:00 am, and end by 9:00 am during the weekdays. But on Saturdays and Sundays, breakfast starts from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.

Hence, breakfast last for 3 hours at la quinta hotel.

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La Quinta San Antonio Breakfast Hours

At La Quinta hotel in San Antonio, their breakfast time starts from 6:00 am to 9:00 am on weekdays. And 7:00 am to 10:00 am during the weekends. There’s no difference from other branches.

How To Find La Quinta Near Me


For you to find the nearest la quinta hotel, kindly visit this website at, enter your currently location and search for nearby la quinta hotel.

Also, you can use Google map” turn on your location icon to enable find it easily.



Wrapping up the content here, I believe you have learnt everything about La Quinta breakfast hours, menu items and free breakfast as well. Enjoy your stay!