Route 44 Sonic – Everything You Need To Know

Route 44 Sonic is your best choice when you are looking for a refreshing and moisturizing drink that leaves you relaxed and active on a hot day. Is this concept new to you? Then this article will be very informative and helpful to you. Read through it all to the end to get every piece of information that you need on Route 44 Sonic. 

At a first glance, one may think that route 44 has something to do with a route (road), especially on the East-West side of the USA which measures about 237 miles. However, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, there is no relationship between route 44 at Sonic and the actual route 44 except for the name. Let me show you what Sonic route 44 is in the next paragraph. 

What Is Route 44 Sonic?


 As we have explained above, Route 44 Sonic is not an actual route but the name given to a drink because of its size at Sonic. If you live in the United States you will know that Sonic drive-in has many locations where healthy and delicious meals are served. It has a large menu that comprises breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

One thing that is common to all the menus at Sonic is that they all have a drinks section. So route 44 is a section of drinks at Sonic. It is named so because it is a large size drink of 44 ounces. That’s a big size, right? Now you get the point. 

There are speculations that it is named as such because its large size is similar to the actual route 44 that connects 4 states in the United States. Therefore, route 44 Sonic is a drink size that is made up of 44 ounces of any drink on the Sonic menu. Let’s move on to see more about this drink. 

Is The Sonic Route 44 Healthy?


Yes, the drinks at Sonic are usually very healthy. However, the slushes that make up the menu to which route 44 belongs seem to be the healthiest. 

Although these drinks are served at affordable prices, Sonic has not cut down on the quality that they are made of. They are generally fountain drinks which makes them very healthy. Route 44 has no calories and fats. Hence you are safe to quench your thirst with them at any time. 

Sonic Route 44 Flavor 


This drink at Sonic comes in different types of flavors. And you are also allowed to customize yours with other syrups like cherry, vanilla, etc to give you the unique taste that you love. The following are the available flavors of route 44. 

  • Coca-Cola
  • Sprite
  • Raspberry
  • Lemonades, etc. 

How Much Is Route 44 Sonic?


The prices of route 44 are generally very affordable as they are the cheapest drinks you could get at that size for such an amount. This probably is because they are fountain drinks that can not be stocked up.

So you are served a huge cup of 44 ounces of drink for such an affordable amount. The prices for route 44 drinks are usually below $3. And as we have noted, this does not make them any less quality or unhealthy. See the menu and prices below. 

Route 44 Sonic Drink
  • SONIC Energy Drink Small – $1.99
  • SONIC Energy Drink Medium – $2.19
  • SONIC Energy Drink Large – $2.29
  • SONIC Energy Drink Route 44 – $2.49

There is also the Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper. 

Is Sonic Route 44 Cup Reusable?


Another very beautiful thing about the route 44 Sonic is that the cup is durable hence it is reusable. You can use it as a water bottle at home or for any other purpose that it fits. And most importantly, you could bring it back for refilling when next you want to get that size of drink from Sonic. 

How To Order Sonic Route 44


You can order this size of drink in two ways. Firstly, this can be done when you walk into the nearest Sonic location. Select the size 44 drink of your choice from the menu. This is the largest size of drink at Sonic and it is available in many flavors some of which have been listed above. Place your order after the selection and pay for the drink. In a few minutes, you will get your drink. 

You can also order route 44 drinks online through the sonic mobile app. It is available on Play Store and App Store. The app is very easy to navigate through. Items ordered through the mobile app are available for pick-up and delivery. A d of course, you can also use the official website of the restaurant to place your order. 

How To Locate Sonic Near You 

Getting the drink in person would be difficult if you are not familiar with the Sonic near you. So, to find Sonic near you, use the Store Locator available on the official website of the restaurant or use Google maps. You can also find them when you enquire through any of their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


How Big Is Route 44 Sonic?


Route 44 is as big as the size of its cup. And the size of the course is indicated in its name. The cup contains 44 ounces of drink hence it is called such. This is by far the most affordable drink you can get around. 

What Is The Best Route 44 Drink At Sonic? 


Although all drinks on the Sonic route 44 menu are lovely as they are meant to keep you refreshed all day long, Cherry Limeade has so far been the best drink on the menu. This is because it is the customers’ favorite in all locations. And it tastes really great. It is also affordable, especially during happy hour along with other lovely meals on the menu. 

Is It Pronounced As Route Or Root?


Whether in the US or UK, the word Route is pronounced as Root. And in the case of the route used in this article and at Sonic, the pronunciation is the same. 



Sonic Route 44 drinks are refreshing and they are an affordable option available in different flavors for everyone. They are lovely hence you would always want to get more after consumption. We’ve shown you how to order this set of beverages in the article above.