Smoothie King Center New Orleans [ Tickets & Seating Chart ]

Are you interested in attending any event at the Smoothie King Center but do not know the dates? Or have you been hearing about the place and need to locate it or know more about it? Then read this article that contains all the information that you need about the New Orleans Arena. It promises to be very enlightening. 

Smoothie King Center is the largest state-of-the-art facility located in one of America’s most breathtaking cities. It is a place in the Louisiana stadium where live entertainment and developmental activities are hosted often in that area. 

Over the years, this center has anchored sporting events, musical arts, and other programs among which are several collegiate Basketball Tournaments, Regional tournaments like the Men And Women NCAA, 63rd and 66th NBA All-Star Game, and lots more. 

It has a good parking space, excellent equipment, qualified and dedicated personnel as well as impeccable production services. It is a beautiful sight to behold. It is also the number one entertainment and sports center in the region. If you want to know its location then slide with me to the next paragraph. 

Address Of Smoothie King Center


Smoothie King Center (SKC) is a big multipurpose arena located in New Orleans, Louisiana. If you want to visit the location for any form of event and do not know its address, here it is. 

The arena is located at 1501 Dave Dixon Dr. New Orleans, LA 70113. It is near the Mercedes Benz Superdome and downtown. Close to it also are the French quarters as well as other first-class hotels. With this, it is easily located for a first-timer. However, I will also show you how to locate the arena below.  

How To Find The Smoothie King Center


With modern-day technology, locating any venue or address has been made easy hence you do not need to worry about facing any rigor while locating the Smoothie King Center. 

One way to easily locate the center is by using Google maps. This is easy and fast. All that is needed is to download the app, install and start using it. You can also use google maps on your web browser. 

Simply type in your query such as “find Smoothie King Center” into the search box and you will be directed accordingly on the map. 

Other ways to do this are through the use of Google Assistant, Siri, etc. 

Can I Bring My Purse Into The Smoothie King Center? Smoothie King Center Bag Policy


Yes, you can bring your bag to the center if it is not larger than 14 ×14 × 6. Abu bag, purse, or briefcase larger than this size will not be allowed into SKC. However, medically necessary items will be allowed after they have been properly inspected. 

At the entrance, there will be lines for bags and no bags. And everyone would be searched using contactless x-ray machines. This is fine to check the bringing in of prohibited items. Some of such items are. 

  • Backpacks of any sizes
  • Coolers
  • Large luggage.
  • Cinch bags, etc.

Smoothie King Center Concert


The table below contains Smoothie King Center concerts from December 2022 to 2023. 

Events/Concerts Date Time
Denver Nuggets  Sun Dec 4th 2:30 PM 
Rod Wave Tue Dec 6th 8:00 PM 
Detroit Pistons  Wed Dec 7th 7:00 PM 
Phoenix Suns  Fri Dec 9th 7:30 PM
Phoenix Suns  Sun Dec 11th 2:30 PM 
Bill Blurr Thur Dec 15th 7:00 PM 
Milwaukee Bucks vs Pelicans  Mon 19th Dec 7:00 PM 
San Antonio Spurs Vs Pelicans  Thur Dec 22nd 7:00 PM 
Indiana Pacers  Mon Dec 26th 7:00 PM
Minnesota Timberwolves  Wed Dec 28th 7:00 PM
Philadelphia 76ers  Fri Dec 30th 7:30 PM
Houston Rockets  Wed Jan 4th 7:00 PM
Brooklyn Nets Fri Jan 6th 7:30 PM 
Miami Heats Wed Jan 18th 7:00 PM 
Denver Nuggets  Tue Jan 24th 7:00 PM 
Minnesota Timberwolves Wed Jan 25th 7:00 PM 
Washington Wizards  Sat Jan 28th 7:00 PM
Legendz Of The Streetz Fri Feb 3rd 7:00 PM 
Los Angeles Lakers  Sat Feb 4th 7:00 PM 
Sacramento Kings  Sun Feb 5th 6:00 PM 
Atlanta Hawks  Tues Feb 7th 6:30 PM 
Cleveland Cavaliers  Fri Feb 10th 9:00 PM 
Andrea Bocelli  Sat Feb 11th 8:00 PM 
Anita Baker Fri Feb 17th 7:00 PM
Orlando Magic Mom Feb 27th 7:00 PM

How To Purchase Smoothie King Center Tickets


Before you can access and attend any event at the Smoothie King Center, you just purchase its ticket. And of course, these tickets are not free and are not publicly sold as well.

While there may be a few outlets out there where you can get the ticket, the major place to book a seat and purchase a ticket for any event taking place at the center is at

You can also get the ticket from all Ticketmaster outlets and the SKC box office. 

There is also the option to charge the phone. To use this option, call 1-800-745-3000. Or the Ticketmaster Express self-service number at 1-886-448-7849. 

Smoothie King Center Ticket Policy


Before you go ahead to buy a ticket for SKC, you must be aware of the following Ticket Policies. 

  • Exiting and reentering the center is not allowed after your ticket has been scanned. 
  • Individuals with duplicated tickets are not allowed into the arena. 
  • If your ticket is lost, destroyed, or damaged, you will be re-issued another ticket on the night of the event. However, this is only possible if you provide good proof of purchase or proper ID. 
  • Reselling or attempted reselling of tickets at the center is prohibited. Anyone found guilty would be arrested and prosecuted. 
  • Refunds are only made at the point of purchase if there was a change of date or time of an event. 

Smoothie King Center Covid Vaccination Policy


The following are some of the health or COVID-19 policies that must be adhered to while in the facility. 

  • You or any of your guests must not have tested positive for COVID-19 10 days before the event. 
  • Must not have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to the disease within 10 days. 
  • Must not have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 48 hours. 

Related Articles

How Old Is Smoothie King Center?


The Smoothie King Center is 23 years old. It was founded on 29th October 1999 as New Orleans Arena. It had the New Orleans Brass of the East Coast Hockey League as its major occupants. 

What Was Smoothie King Center Formerly Called?

As of the time it was built and opened in 1999, the Center was called New Orleans Arena. It was not until 2014 that the name was changed to Smoothie King Center which it is now referred to. 

When Was The Smoothie King Center Renamed?


The name of the center was changed from New Orleans Arena in 2014. This was done when a 10-year naming right deal was struck with Smoothie King thereby leading to the change of name. 

How Many People Can The Smoothie King Center Accommodate?


The Center is quite a big one and has been the hub of live entertainment and sports. It has a seating capacity of 17,804. Hence it can accommodate such a huge number of people. 

Who Owns Smoothie King Center?


The Smoothie King Arena is owned by Wam Kim who is also the owner and CEO of Smoothie King. This was made known in his address during the naming rights deal that was struck in 2014. 

Why Is It Called Smoothie King Center?


It is called Smoothie King Center because the arena is now managed by the owner of Smoothie King. This started after the 2014 deal was struck. 


So far, we have explained and taken you through every piece of information that you need to know about Smoothie King center. I hope by now you can easily locate it and attend the event of your choice.