Smoothie King Near Me – Find Smoothie King Locations Near Me

Locating the Smoothie King in your immediate environment might be an easy task. However, the story is not the same when you move to a new location or on a holiday or business trip. In such a situation, you will find yourself asking “how can I locate a Smoothie King near me now” or “Is there a Smoothie King location near me?”

These are crucial questions that demand answers. Hence, this article is written to guide and help you find Smoothie King near you. So get set as we proceed into the main deal. 

Founded by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau, Smoothie King as implied by its name is a smoothie shop/cafe chain in the United States. It was founded in 1973 and has over the years dedicated itself to serving healthily made smoothies to a large percentage of the population of the US. Its headquarters is at Coppell, Texas, United States but has many other locations in different parts of the country. 

Everyone who has had a taste of Smoothie King always wants to come back. However, some can not locate the Smoothie King outlet near them.

This has been trailed with many questions which this article will answer while helping you to find Smoothie King location near me. So, join me to read to the bottom as we see them below. 

Is Smoothie King Just A Texas Thing?


No, Smoothie King is not just a Texas thing. Although it has its headquarters and the highest number of locations in Texas, Smoothie King has many other locations in different parts of the United States. Currently, there are Smoothie King locations in 34 states and territories of the US. Therefore, it is not only found in Texas. 

How Many Locations Does Smoothie King Have?


As of November 2022, there are 1,137 Smoothie King locations in the United States. You can find them in 34 states and 598 cities in the country. Some of the states with Smoothie King locations are 

  • Texas
  • Florida.
  • Louisiana
  • Georgia 
  • Illinois
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • Maryland
  • Ohio, etc

Is There A Smoothie King Near Me?


There is most likely a Smoothie King near you seeing that it has many locations in 34 states of the country. This is not to rule out the fact that there are some states without any location of Smoothie King. Below are some of the states without a Smoothie King. 

States And Territories Without A Smoothie King.

  • Maine
  • Rhode Island
  • California
  • Montana
  • Delaware
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • North Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • Idaho
  • New Hampshire
  • Puerto Rico
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Massachusetts
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • American Samoa
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Guam

So, if you are not in any of these states, then there is a Smoothie King near you. 

Where Is  Smoothie King Near Me?


We’ve established that there are many Smoothie King locations in different parts of the country. And as such, you would only be able to know the Smoothie King near you if you find one using your location. 

Your location in this case may not necessarily be your home address. Rather it could be your office address, hotel, or any other place that you find yourself at the moment of looking for a Smoothie King. When this is properly entered, then you are one step closer to finding Smoothie King near me. See how to find them below. 

How Can I Find Smoothie King Near Me? 


There are many ways to find Smoothie King near you especially if you are not in those states listed above that have no locations. See some of the methods that you can use below. 

Find Smoothie King Near Me Via Store Locator


The first and best way to find Smoothie King near me is by using their store locator. This is available on the official website of the shop. All you have to do is enter your city, state, or zip code into the search box and search. The result will show you all Smoothie King locations near you. Click on the one nearest to you to find other information about it. 

Smoothie King Near Me Via Google Maps


Another way to find Smoothie King near me is through the use of Google maps. This is a mobile application that is available to all devices. All you need to do after downloading and installing the app is turn on your device location. Then click on the search bar, and enter “Smoothie King near me”. 

Google will automatically read your location and in a couple of seconds, show you a map containing all Smoothie King’s locations. Click on the plus (+) sign below the map to view larger map. 

Find Smoothie King Near Me Using Google Assistant


Do you know that you can find Smoothie King near me via Google Assistant? Well, now you know. Google Assistant which is also an app available to all devices can help you find Smoothie King near me.

Thankfully, you may not need to type your query. Just click on the microphone symbol at the bottom of the page and say ” find Smoothie King near me”. 

Google will read your locations and vocally direct you to the nearest Smoothie King shop.  Make sure your location is turned on before doing this. 

Find Smoothie King Near Me By Asking Siri


The mobile Assistant Siri available to iOS devices is another way to find Smoothie King near me. To do this, simply open the app and send your query by saying “hey Siri, find Smoothie King near me“. Siri would reply immediately by telling you where the nearest shop is located and how to get there. 

Find Smoothie King Near Me Via Social Media


More easily is the fact that Smoothie King has social media pages hence you can find Smoothie King by visiting any of their pages on the following social media platforms.

How To Contact Smoothie King Customer Support


For more info and directions, contact Smoothie King on their website or call (800)577-4200. 

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Smoothie King Delivery Near Me


If you do not want to order through the Smoothie King website, these are some delivery services that partner with Smoothie King.

  • GrubHub
  • DoorDash.
  • Postmates
  • UberEats, etc.


Can You Have Smoothie King While Pregnant?


The recent smoothie at Smoothie King contains all the essential vitamins that are needed by an expectant mother. Hence, it isn’t bad for you while pregnant. 

Does GrubHub Deliver Smoothie King Near Me?


Yes, you can order Smoothie King on the GrubHub mobile app or website and it will be delivered to you. GrubHub is one of the many delivery services that partners with Smoothie King. 

What State Has The Highest Number Of Smoothie King Shops?


The state with the highest number of Smoothie King shops is Texas. Texas has 269 shops as of November 2022. This is about 24% of the total number of Smoothie King’s locations. 



From all that has been discussed in the article so far, they can see that it is easy to find Smoothie King near me (you). And because there are many locations, you have several options to choose from. So locate one today and get yourself a cup of sweet and nutritious smoothies.