14 Best Untraceable Money Transfer Apps ( Anonymous Transfers )

Do you want to know how to send money anonymously? Are you looking for ways to transfer money with your identity hidden? Then join me as I take you through the world of untraceable money transfer apps. You will see the best and easiest apps to use as well as how to use them. Do not scroll past this for any reason as it promises to be very informative.

With the upsurge in technological advancement, digital money transfer seems to have taken over traditional bank payments as people can send and receive money from their comfort with money transfer apps. It is even more exciting that these apps are easy to navigate with a simple registration process.

However, For security, privacy, and other reasons, many people have found the need to send money unanimously hence the search for untraceable money transfer apps. Well, Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Western Union, Revolut, and many others are some good apps to use. This article will discuss 14 such apps. So sit tight and read the entire article to get a detailed explanation of what they all entail.

Is It Possible To Send Money Through An Untraceable Money Transfer App?


Yes, it is possible to transfer money through an untraceable money transfer app. And very many of them exist today in different forms with unique qualities. They have varying requirements for use. Nonetheless, they are easy to navigate as not so much of your private information is needed. And when you send money, the recipient would not see your real information unless you disclose your identity. See some of those apps in the next paragraph.

10 Best Untraceable Money Transfer Apps


Below is a list of 14 untraceable money transfer apps that have proven to be the best over the years. They are divided into two groups namely fully untraceable and semi-untraceable money transfer apps.

Fully Untraceable Money Transfer Apps.

  • Cash App
  • Western Union
  • Wirex
  • Paysafecard
  • Payoneer.
  • Monero
  • Signal
  • Wise
  • square

Semi-Untraceable Money Transfer Apps

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Google Pay
  • Revolut
  • skrill.

I will give the details and how to use them as we continue.

Cash App


Cash App is a giant when it comes to untraceable money in the US and UK. It is a digital transfer platform that makes sending and receiving money easy. All that you need to do is download the mobile app, sign up with your phone number and email, and start using it. You will also be asked to create a username known as cashtag. It does not necessarily have to be your name.

When to send anyone money on the app, it is the cashtag that will be revealed while your real identity is untraceable. Cash App is end-to-end encrypted hence you have no fear of others seeing your identity.



This is another Untraceable money transfer app. Paysafecard is a prepaid online payment method that is based on a voucher with a 16 digits PIN. It is not a bank account or credit card so it is independent of them and does not use your personal information.

It can be used anywhere in the world hence it is more advantageous than its counterparts. All you need to do is purchase the voucher from any local vendor with cash and pay online during the checkout by entering the PIN. You can combine more than one voucher for a bigger amount of transfer. The merchant or person at the other end would only see your PIN and not your data.

Western Union


This is one of the oldest untraceable money transfer apps. It is available to more than 200 countries of the world with more than 130 currency portfolios. It is used to send and receive money to many places in the world without a bank account. It is also very useful in making online payments without having your data or identity revealed.



Venmo is an untraceable money transfer app that has the feature of social media. It allows you to connect with friends and make new friends while going along with financial transactions. With Venmo, sending and receiving money is easy without revealing your identity.

To use this app, you are required to download it and open an account. Create a username that will be revealed to anyone that you transact with. And follow the prompts on the app to start using. Note that this app is only available for use in the United States.



PayPal is a semi-untraceable money transfer app. It lets you send money unanimously with your email address and username. However, you are required to link a bank account or credit card. Your credit card or bank details with not be revealed to the recipient but are needed to draw the funds needed for the transaction.

If you want your identity hidden, you could use a disposable email address and a virtual card for this app hence it can not be traced to you afterward. It is also worthy of note that PayPal is end-to-end encrypted.



Revolut also falls into the section of semi-untraceable money transfer apps. It is a platform that allows you to send money with a virtual card. Like Cash App, you will need to create a RevTag which is made known to the recipient. You could also choose to hide your RevTag if you want no one to search for or find you on the app.

In a nutshell, its privacy features are impeccable. Download, register with your phone number, go through a simple verification process and you are ready to use Revolut for untraceable transfers.

How To Use Untraceable Money Transfer Apps


The steps for using these transfer apps vary with the apps. However, most of them require your email or phone number to sign up. Create a username that would be different from your real name. After that, click on the money transfer option on the app and follow the prompts to send the money.

What Are Untraceable Money Transfer Apps?


These are mobile applications that let you send money from one account to the other online. The transfer could be to someone on the same app or a similar platform (depending on the app). These apps require just the details of the recipient which could be their username on the app. This username in most cases is not your actual name. In other words, they make use of information that can not be used to trace the sender.

Are Untraceable Money Transfer Apps Legit?


Yes, untraceable money transfer apps are legit and their aims are also legit. They are duly registered with the appropriate government agencies and some are FDIC insured. Therefore they are safe to use.

Note, however, that they are also used by fraudsters and other types of cyber criminals because of the hidden identity clause. Hence, the need to be careful when transacting with an unfamiliar person through any untraceable money transfer app.

Untraceable Money Transfer App

The best untraceable money transfer app is Cash App, that’s what I use anytime I want to make anonymous transfer. It’s easy, fast and reliable, you can as well sign up without verification.


Untraceable money transfer apps are interesting to use. Especially, for unanimous transfers for security reasons and fast transactions. We saw 14 such apps in this article. I hope you will go through them and use the most convenient one for you.