Wawa Drink Menu & Prices ( New Update )

Wawa Drink menu is the best for you if you are craving some nice drinks at affordable prices. So, if you are in that category, take up your reading glasses and attentively roll with me as I show you the items on the Wawa drink menu, their prices, and other information that are highly beneficial to you.

Wawa is an American chain of convenience stores and gas stations. It was founded by Grahame Wood in 1964 in Pennsylvania, USA. It currently has over 900 locations in the United States and has expanded its tentacles to serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Having a meal at Wawa is fulfilling as its menu has lots of exciting and healthy items on it. What’s not so popular about Wawa is its drink menu. Does Wawa have a drink menu? What’s on the Wawa drink menu? Find the answer to these and more as you continue reading this article. 

Does Wawa Have A Drink Menu?


Yes, Wawa does have a drink menu. I know you are familiar with breakfast at Wawa as well as its hours and menu. It would also interest you to know that there is a whole menu dedicated to drinks alone at the restaurant. This is what is called the Wawa drink menu. 

The Wawa drink menu is a comprehensive list of all the drinks served at Wawa along with their prices, sizes, and other specifications. So, let’s move on to see what the Wawa drink menu has in store for us.

What Is On Wawa Drink Menu?


The Wawa drink menu contains quite a huge variety of drinks that you would love. There are cold drinks, hot beverages, and so on. Some of the drinks on the Wawa drink menu are milkshakes, coffee, latte, chocolates, cappuccino, and of course water amongst others. You will see the details in the menu as you continue reading.

How Much Does A Drink Cost On Wawa Drink Menu?


One of the most outstanding features of Wawa is that its prices are relatively low especially when compared with most restaurants in the US. So, you can get a drink from the Wawa drink menu for as low as $1.65. Others are a little higher than that but most drinks on the menu are below $4. Note that the drinks are served in sizes hence the price depends on the quantity ordered.

Table Showing Wawa Drink Menu And Prices

Hot Beverages
Hot Macchiatos – Caramel $2.69
Iced Beverages
Iced Beverages 16oz 24oz
Iced Macchiatos – Caramel $3.09 $3.49
Iced Lattes – Dulce de Leche $3.09 $3.49
Coffee Drinks
Monster Java Mean Bean 15 Oz $2.99
Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla 13.7 Oz $3.29
French Vanilla Chilled Cappuccino 16 Oz $1.45
Fruit Juice
Apple Juice 16 Oz $1.39
Orange Juice Quart $1.79
Orange Juice 16 Oz $1.35
Energy Drinks
Bang Blue Razzberry 16oz Can $2.89
Monster Regular 16oz Can $2.79
Monster Rehab 15.5 oz Can $2.79
Monster Zero Ultra 16 oz Can $2.79
Nos Drink 16 oz Can $2.79
Red Bull 16oz $3.99
Red Bull – 12oz $3.29
Red Bull Sugar-Free Energy Drink 12oz $3.29
Red Bull Yellow Edition 12oz $3.29
Fruit Juice
Wawa Apple Juice 16 Oz $1.39
Wawa Orange Juice Quart $1.79
Wawa Orange Juice 16 Oz $1.35
Canada Dry Ginger Ale – 20oz $2.09
Coke Cherry – 20 Ozark $2.09
Coke Classic – 20oz $2.09
Coke Zero – 20 oz $2.09
Diet Coke – 20oz $2.09
Diet Mountain Dew – 20 oz $2.09
Diet Pepsi – 2 Liter $2.49
Diet Pepsi – 20oz $2.09
Dr. Pepper – 20oz $2.09
Mountain Dew – 20 oz $2.09
Pepsi 12 oz Can 12 Pack $6.29
Pepsi – 20oz $2.09
Sprite 20 oz Bottle $2.09
Sports Drinks & Water
Body Armor Orange Mango 28 oz $2.59
Body Armor Strawberry Banana 28oz $2.59
Deer Park Water 1.5 Liter $1.99
Deer Park Water 1 Liter $1.79
Deer Park 6 Pack Water $2.79
Fiji 1 Liter $2.79
Gatorade Fruit Punch – 20oz $1.69
Gatorade Glacial Freeze – 20 oz $1.69
Gatorade Lemon Lime – 20 oz $1.69
Gatorade Orange – 20 oz  $1.69
Glaceau Smart Water 1 Liter $2.59
Glaceau Vitamin Water Energy 20 oz $0.99
Glaceau Vitamin Water Power 20 oz $1.99
Perrier Original .5 Liter $1.89
Powerade Mountain Blast 28-32 oz $2.39
Kiwi Strawberry Propel – 20 oz $1.89
Gallon Water $1.99
Diet Green Tea $1.29
Diet Iced Tea – 16oz $1.29
Diet Iced Tea – Half Gallon $1.29
Green Tea – 16 oz $1.29
Iced Tea – 16oz $1.29
Half & Half (Lemonade/Iced Tea) – 16oz $1.29
Peach Tea 16 oz $1.29
Strawberry Lemonade 16oz $1.29
Raspberry Tea 16 oz $1.29
Diet Lemonade Tea 16oz $1.29

Are Drinks On Wawa Drink Menu Healthy?


The answer to that is both Yes and No. This is because individual health needs vary and they determine what you should consume. Therefore, the drinks on the menu are carefully selected to cater to everyone’s needs. Hence it is best to check the content of any of the drinks before consuming them. I will show you how to do that as we continue.


What’s The Healthiest Drink On The Wawa Drink Menu?


As ridiculous as it might look, water is the healthiest drink in the world. And thankfully, the Wawa drink menu contains water. It is healthy because it contains no calories. So, see how to check the nutrition information of the drinks on the Wawa drink menu below.

How To Check Nutrition Information On Wawa Drink Menu


Click here to check the nutrition information of all the items on the Wawa drink menu. 

How To Order A Drink From The Wawa Drink Menu


There are many ways to order a drink from the Wawa drink menu but the easiest of them all is to locate the nearest Wawa outlet to get one yourself. I will show you how to locate the nearest outlet shortly. 

Meanwhile, you can still get a drink from the Wawa drink menu by placing an order on the official Wawa website or through its mobile app. With this method, you will be required to enter some information to aid in faster delivery. Note that the delivery option for drinks is not available at all Wawa’s locations. If that’s the case, then use the alternative below.

Another way to get a drink from the Wawa drink menu is to order through any delivery service that partners with Wawa. 

How To Locate The Nearest Wawa Restaurant


We earlier noted that the best way to get a drink from the Wawa drink menu is to visit its location nearest to you. There are several ways to find the nearest Wawa,

One of the easiest ways to find the nearest Wawa is to use the store locator  of the restaurant available on its website. Alternatively, find Wawa near you by using Google Maps. You can also use the contact information that will be provided below.

How To Contact Wawa


Contact Wawa by using any of the following


Does Wawa Sell Iced Drinks?


Yes, Wawa sells iced drinks. At Wawa, there is a large selection of chilled and frozen beverages and drinks. And the most fascinating part of it is that with such a wide variety to select from, you can make a perfect treat for yourself. This is because there is the option of Built-To-Order at Wawa.

What Is A Handcrafted Drink At Wawa?


The handcrafted drink at Wawa is a new offering of drink that is a part of the handcrafted beverage specialty program. The handcrafted drink is available in only two flavors (black and sweet cream). It is made from just water and coffee as its ingredients.

What’s The Newest Coffee At Wawa?


The newest coffee at Wawa is Peanut Butter Fudge Coffee. It was introduced in the latter part of 2022. This coffee is a blend of peanut butter, fudge, and vanilla flavors.



I know you have been convinced that the Wawa drink menu is loaded. Go through the menu again and place an order for yours today.