Whataburger Breakfast Hours 2023 [ Staring & Ending Time ]

Whataburger breakfast hours are uniquely different from all other restaurants you know. So there is the need to pay careful attention to details if you are not familiar with the Whataburger breakfast hours. Luckily, this article has compiled all information that is relevant to the subject matter just for you.

So sit back and relax as I take you on a smooth ride through the Whataburger breakfast time. And if you are one of those asking “does Whataburger serve breakfast all day”, your answer lies in the lines of this article. So let’s get started.

Whataburger is one of the most popular restaurant food chains in the United States. The restaurant which has been in existence for many decades has a wide menu that consists of breakfast and lunch items. However, many people love breakfast at Whataburger hence they often want to know the Whataburger breakfast hours. Before we begin, let’s ask ourselves, does Whataburger serve breakfast all day? The answer to that begins our article for today so let’s see it in the next paragraph. 

Does Whataburger Have Breakfast All Day?


No, Whataburger does not have breakfast all day. Rather it serves breakfast all night. Surprising right? Unlike most restaurants including Sonic, Wendy’s, etc that have their breakfasts for just a few hours in the morning, Whataburger’s breakfast begins at night and runs through the early hours of the morning. 

It does not last all day because it terminates just before noon thereby giving way for lunch to start serving. So when are the Whataburger breakfast hours? See it as you read below. 

What Time Does Whataburger Start Serving Breakfast?


As we have earlier noted above, the Whataburger breakfast hours start at 11:00 PM. This time is the same for all of its locations and it is maintained every day. In other words, the Whataburger breakfast hours start at 11:00 PM from Monday to Sunday without interruption. 

I know the idea of breakfast at midnight looks weird and you might be wondering why breakfast has to start at night. See the next paragraph to get some of the reasons for breakfast at night. 

What Time Does Whataburger Stop Serving Breakfast?


As mentioned above, the Whataburger breakfast hours stop at 11:00 AM. This time is very convenient as it is the same time that most restaurants including Pal’s and Wawa stop serving breakfast too. So if you want to get breakfast at Whataburger, you must get there before 11:00 AM on Monday to Sunday at any of its locations.

The time is strictly adhered to hence if you get there after the breakfast hours have elapsed, you would have to order from the lunch menu instead. The table below shows the breakfast hours at Whataburger in a glance.

Whataburger Breakfast Time


Whataburger stands out from any other fast food when it comes to breakfast hours because unlike what is obtainable elsewhere the Whataburger breakfast hours run for 12 hours hours. Also, the breakfast hours are the same for all of its locations.

The Whataburger breakfast hours begin at 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM from Monday to Sunday. Although the time has been adjusted severally, it has been maintained by all its locations.

Therefore, you can get breakfast at Whataburger late at night and in the early hours of the morning till it’s almost mid-day when lunch will begin. For better understanding, I will break them down and take them one after the other in the next paragraphs.

A Table Showing Whataburger Breakfast Time 

Days Whataburger Breakfast Hours Start Whataburger Breakfast Hours Stop. 
Monday  11:00 PM  11:00 AM.
Tuesday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.
Wednesday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.
Thursday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.
Friday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.
Saturday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.
Sunday  11:00 PM 11:00 AM.

Why Does Whataburger Serve Breakfast At Night?


There are no specific reasons why the Whataburger breakfast time begin so late at night but it could probably be due to customers’ demand. The restaurant pays keen attention to the demands of their customers hence they would have adjusted the time to suit them.

Everyone does not have the same schedule, while some people are returning home from the day’s work, others are going for their third shift and might need some food. So in a situation like this, Whataburger thought it wide to serve such people breakfast and also offer it on a specific schedule.

Furthermore, it could also be because most customers love eating lighter food at night as against heavier dinners. Breakfast meals are lighter and digest easily hence the breakfast hours begin at 11:00 PM daily. So when do breakfasts stop at Whataburger? Read on to know it.

Does Whataburger Serve Breakfast On Holidays?


Yes, breakfast is served on holidays at Whataburger. The restaurant is always ready to serve you and meet your needs hence even on most public holidays in the United States, breakfast is served. Except for special days like Christmas and Easter Sunday. 

What Are The Whataburger Breakfast Hours On Holidays? 


The Whataburger breakfast hours on holidays are the same as it is on other days of the week. It begins at 11:00 PM and ends at 11:00 AM. If there is a need to adjust the time, all its customers will be duly informed. 

How Can I Get Breakfast At Whataburger?


The easiest way to get breakfast at Whataburger is to visit the nearest location. I will show you how to find the nearest Whataburger location soon. 

If you do not want to go through the rigors of visiting a location, you can order online on the official website of the restaurant. Or by using any delivery service that works with it such as uberEats, Seamless, etc. 

How To Find The Nearest Whataburger Location. 


There are two ways to find the nearest Whataburger location. They are as follows. 

  • Visit whatburger.com/location
  • Enter your Zip code, and city, and search. The result will show you the nearest Whataburger. 
  • You can also use your google map to search it out using the same steps. 
Whataburger Breakfast Review


When Did Whataburger Start Serving Breakfast?


Whataburger has been serving breakfast for so many decades. It started serving breakfast in 1979. This was about the Sane time that other popular restaurants including McDonald’s started serving Breakfast as well. 

Does Whataburger Still Serve Breakfast All Night?


Yes, it does serve breakfast all night even today. And this has been its routine for many years except for a short time in 20q5 when for some reason the breakfast hours were reduced. 

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Does Whataburger Serve Breakfast In All Of Its Locations?


Yes, breakfast is served in all Whataburger locations. Although the items on the breakfast menu might be different in some locations, the hours are the same for all locations and they all serve breakfast. 


Whataburger is a unique restaurant and does also are its breakfast hours which we have shown you in the article above. Carefully read through it and find answers to your questions today. Visit the website shown above for further information.