Whataburger Near Me – How To Find Whataburger Near Me

This article contains information about a Whataburger near me. So if you have been sweating out in search of any locations of Whataburger near you, sit back and relax as you read through the lines of this article. I will show you how to find the location of Whataburger near you hence the question “where is Whataburger near me” would be a thing of the past after this interesting and informative piece.

Whataburger is an American regional fast-food restaurant chain that is privately held. It was founded in 1950 by Hamon Dobson and Paul Burton. Its first location was opened the same year in Corpus Christi, Texas but it currently has its headquarters and base in San Antonio, Texas. 

The restaurant specializes in hamburgers made with 100% pure American beef served on a big toasted bun. The Hamburgers at Whataburger are so big that it is rumored that the restaurant got its name from it “What A Burger”. Apart from burgers, there are other exciting items on the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus of the restaurant. 

As long as it is the operation hours of the restaurant, there is a meal for you. However, since it is a regional restaurant, there are many questions surrounding Whataburger near me. Read with me as we answer all your questions and show you how to find the Whataburger near you. 

Is Whataburger Only In Texas?


No, Whataburger is not only located in Texas. We noted above that the restaurant is located majorly in the southern part of the United States. It is headquartered in Texas but has locations in other parts of the country. 

Having stated that Whataburger is not only in Texas, I know you would want to know other parts of the country where you can find Whataburger and also you want to find “Whataburger near me”. Let’s move on as we proceed gradually to get answers. 

Is There A Whataburger Near Me?


The answer to that question could be Yes or No, depending on where you are located. The restaurant which is still in its growing stage does not have a worldwide presence at the moment. Its locations are mostly in the Southern US. So if you are a resident or present in any of the states of the Southern US, chances are that there is a Whataburger near you. 

Even if you do not reside in the South, there could also be a Whataburger near you. All you have to do is to confirm it using any of the methods that will be discussed below. But first, let’s see some of the states of the United States that have a Whataburger. 

What US States Have Whataburger?


Whataburger has locations in eleven states of the United States including Texas where its headquarters is. So before we move to see how to find ” Whataburger near me“, see a short list of the states of the US where there are locations of Whataburger. 

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Arkansas.
  4. Florida
  5. Georgia
  6. Louisiana
  7. Mississippi
  8. New Mexico
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Kansas.

Now that you have seen the states that have Whataburger. How then can you find Whataburger near you? Find out as you continue reading.

Find Whataburger Near Me Via Whataburger Locator. 


This is the first and easiest way to find the Whataburger near me. It involves using the locator available on the Whataburger website. Hence all that you need to do is to go through the locations and you will find the one that is nearest to you. Apart from that you can enter your city, state, or zip code and get the Whataburger near you. See the steps involved below. 

  • Visit the locator page of the Whataburger website. 
  • Enter your city, state, or zip code into the search box at the top of the page. 
  • Click on the search icon. 
  • The result will show you all the Whataburger locations near you on the site map. 

Find Whataburger Near Me Via Google Maps. 


Google Maps is another easy way to find a Whataburger near you. All you need to do is to download the map on Play Store or App store and enable its GPS to access your location. After that, take the following steps. 

  • Open the Google Maps App on your device. 
  • Allow it to access your location. 
  • At the top of the page click on the search box. 
  • Enter Whataburger near me and search. 
  • The result will show you a map containing all Whataburger locations near you. 
  • Click on the one closest to you to see its address. 
  • If you could not find anyone, click on view the larger map at the bottom of the page. 

Find Whataburger Near Me Via Google Assistant. 


Using the services of Google Assistant is another beautiful way to find Whataburger near me. Google Assistant is a mobile app that is available to all devices and hence can be downloaded on Play Store and App Store. It works with your voice hence you can use it even while driving. Here is how to use Google Assistant to find “Whataburger Near Me”. 

Open the app on your phone and click on the microphone or speaker symbol. After which you would say ” hey google, find Whataburger near me”. Google will reply with a voice directing you to the Whataburger near you. 

Find Whataburger Near My By Asking Siri.


Another very easy way to contact Whataburger is by asking Siri. Siri is an online assistant that is available on iOS devices. It gives you a set to any question thrown at it. The following are the steps to find Whataburger near me by asking Siri. 

  • Open your iOS devices
  • Say “hey Siri, find Whataburger Near me” 
  • Siri will reply with an answer showing you the nearest Whataburger location. 

Find Whataburger Near Me Through Social Media. 


You can also find Whataburger near me by visiting the social media pages of the restaurant. There you can ask your questions and you will get a reply from their representatives. The following are their various social media handles. 

How To Contact Whataburger


You can also find Whataburger near me by using the following customer care contact. 

  • Call Customer Care at 1-800-6burger or  6000 (210) 476-6000. 


Where Is Whataburger In New York?


No, there is no Whataburger in New York right now. This could probably be because the restaurant hasn’t expanded its tentacles to that region. There are most likely going to be some locations in New York soon as the restaurant grows. 

Is There A Whataburger In California?


For some reasons which could also be speculated around expansion, Whataburger does not have any location in California. So if you reside in California, you might just try out other restaurants like Sonic while we await a Whataburger near you soon. 

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Best Whataburger Delivery Near Me. 

You can order any meal on the Whataburger menu on their website and it will be delivered to your location. However, if you want to use other delivery services. Here are the best Whataburger delivery services near you. 

  • UberEats
  • GrubHub
  • DoorDash. 



Whataburger is the best place to be. Find Whataburger near you by using any of the methods discussed in this article. I hope with this, all your questions on “Whataburger near me” has been answered. Don’t forget to use the contact info above for more inquiries.